Gustav Schäfer

Gustav Schäfer

Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schäfer is the drummer of the band.

Date of Birth : September 8th, 1988

Place of Birth : Magdeburg, Germany

Height : Approximately 5’8″

Siblings : An older sister

Hair Colour : Blond

Eye Colour : Brown

Relationship Status : Single.

Piercings :  none

Tattoos : One angelic wing on each shoulder and a shooting star on his right forearm. On his calf he has lyrics from Johnny Cash’s song, Hurt.

Fashion Style :  Casual – Usually seen wearing a cap, shorts and a t-shirt.

Other Facts :  – He has been playing drums since the age of 5

- He’s known to be the ‘silent one’ in the band.

- He used to assist in backing vocals.

- He is a perfectionist. He always keeps his drums and stool in particular position on stage, and gets cross if anyone moves them.

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